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Is a Dog Human?
By David the Dogman

Trying to treat a dog like a human is called "Anthropomorphism" the dictionary states that this means "Attributing human characteristics to things that are not human" . Your pet is not a small hairy person, he is of another species known as a "Canine."

Humans are capable of complex emotions like love, sadness, despair, jealousy, sympathy, hatred and loyalty. A dogs emotional state is more reactive, instinct driven and survival orientated. Instinct is something which is either there or not there, and it covers survival, maternal, hunting, guarding, pack, and self preservation.

Dogs are living in the present, they react to the immediate smell, sound, and movement. Dogs experience aggression mostly from their "Owners" who do not understand that the dog does not understand what they are talking about. Most weeks I have a client informing me that their dog is only able to understand , Spanish, French, Swedish and the other day I was well informed that a dog could only understand Japanese !

Logic is alien to humans, all animals have an ability to communicate with each other . I am able to communicate with a dog, since I am able to think like a dog, thats why I am called "The Dogman !

Dogs are unable to reason and when they lay on the floor are not capable of thinking "I wonder what mum is making for dinner", the dog will react only to a sound, smell, and to the immediate situation.

Many owners of pets will punish their pet after an event just like a child. This is non productive, and is called "Anthropomorphism." Try asking a dog what one and one equals ? or simply deduct one from two, I bet he cant work it out!

The biggest problem that most owners encounter is "He wont come back" I wonder why ? after all the little fellow followed the owner everywhere when he was a puppy. Is it because he was treated like a child and punished for not coming back, or indeed punished when he did come back..? Owners will shout and shout, little wonder the little fellow does not want to know.

Our pets are able to read and react to our posture, a prime example only the other day I had one of those looks from my wife and asked her what was the matter ? "Nothing" she said and marched away in a "bottom up style, "to me that body posture meant everything was the matter !

Most owners are apt to forget that dogs are dogs and cannot expect them to behave in a human way, this must distorts the dogs true natural behaviour. Only the other day a lady attending one of my social classes arrived carrying her dog, I asked if the dog was ill, to be informed "My dog does not like to walk on stony roads."

Our pets are still wolves in disguise, and still ninety five percent wolf, they will roll in mud, eat faeces, but have many qualities that humans could learn from. They will always greet you well, not answer you back, ask for nothing, and if you do not feed them they will still love you.

Commitment, Firmness, but kindness

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Copyright © 1997 by David Klein. Do you have any problems with your pet? Then why not send your problem to DAVID THE DOGMAN.

David is a Canine Behaviourist who works and lives in Marbella, Spain. Tel/Fax (00345) 2883388. His web site is located at: http://www.thedogman.net.

David has his own radio and TV shows, and writes for many newspapers and magazines. David has been working with dogs for many years and started his career in Israel, working on the Border Police. He has been involved in all forms of training, including air sea rescue, air scent work, and has trained dogs for finding drugs. David has devoted the past 10 years to studying behaviour and the very passive approach. He does not use choke chains, check chains, or any form of aggression.

David The Dogman is available for private consultations in your home, for further details telephone; Tel; (95) 2883388

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