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Day Hikes: Ashland Lakes Complex - Beaver Plant Lake

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Description: Because the destination is mostly lake (versus mountain), the view is not as surprisingly stunning as Heather Lake even if the photo here looks better. However, it is undeniably beautiful, and you will enjoy the nice, easy hike (you may have noticed a trend that Amy is a complete wimp and makes Mark and Droopy take the easy trails). There is actually a complex of lakes, and Beaver Plant Lake is the first of them (you will see a trail sign at the junction on the trail pointing left to Beaver Plant Lake). Once there, a boardwalk encircles the lake, letting you enjoy it from all angles -- however, in places it is in a bit of disrepair so we kept mainly to the front side. Incidentally, the patriotic photo of Droopy on the homepage was taken here.

Downsides: Boardwalk was broken down in places, and is quite narrow (single-file only).

Directions: Drive I-5 North to Everett. Take exit number 194 onto Highway 2 east. Exit onto highway 204 (to Lake Stevens). Turn left (north) onto Highway 9. A little past Lake Stevens take a right (east) onto highway 92. Follow 92 for about 8 miles, through Granite Falls, and at a T intersection with the Mountain Loop Highway take a left (north) onto Mountain Loop Highway (20). Follow road for about 10 miles to the Verlot Public Service/Ranger Station. You can buy trailhead passes at this station when it is open. The Rangers are very nice, and if your dog is well behaved they don't mind it coming into the station with you. From the Center drive 4.5 miles and turn right onto Schweitzer Creek Road 4020. Continue 2.3 miles and turn right onto unmarked FS Road 4021. Drive 1.4 miles and turn left onto unmarked FS Road 4021-016. Continue .2 miles and park in the small lot on your left.

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Last updated 2/02