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Day Hikes: Camano Island State Park

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Description: There are about 5 miles of trails in the park, including the half-mile Al Emerson Nature Trail, and a new 3 mile Loop Trail. The Loop Trail, true to its name, loops around the Al Emerson trail and circles around campsites towards the beach. On the Al Emerson side it is your standard (aren't we so spoiled) northwest forest, complete with ferns and tall trees. On the beach side it affords a terrific view of the Saratoga Passage.

Downsides: Leashes required; this is a good place for a family-type outing with the dog. A pretty busy place.

Directions: From I-5N, go about 18 miles north of Everett, take Exit 212. Head 6 miles west on Highway 532 to Stanwood. Continue west 4 miles to the junction of East Camano and North Camano Drives. Take either road, and follow park signs about 12 miles to the park.

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