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Day Hikes: Cowiche Canyon Trail

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Description: For Western Washington residents, Cowiche Canyon provides a nice scenery alternative with sagebrush and tall rock formations typical of Eastern Washington. The trail is very easy, being entirely flat, and just under 3 miles each way. The path has wooden bridges which crisscross Cowiche Creek, which when we visited in May was a large turbulent stream. This makes it potentially dangerous if you have a dog that might jump off, since there isn't any railing although the bridges are sturdy and wide. We thoroughly enjoyed it, as the cliffs were a spectacular view. Look for photos to be added here soon.

Downsides: It's a bit short for a day trip, and you need to bring your own water (we didn't feel comfortable letting Droopy close to the stream). The rocky trail may also be a bit hard on your dog's paws. Plus it's in the desert which can be hot.

Directions: Head to the northwest side of Yakima. Go west on Summitview Road for a long time. You'll eventually see a turnoff for Weikel Road next to a large veterinary building. Follow Wiekel road around to a warehouse. Turn right at the warehouse, you will see the canyon trail entrance there.

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