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Day Hikes: French Creek
Thank you to Heidi for sending us this hike!

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Heidi writes: One of my favorite trails is French Creek, which runs along the Boulder River somewhere close to Darrington. Round-trip, the hike is 9 miles with very little elevation gain, 600 FT +/-. Dogs on leash are allowed and there are many stream crossings that allow for dogs to feed their thirst. In the middle of the hike is a teriffic waterfall that falls about 300 ft. It is a great spot to stop and check out the river. Most of the trail has rather heavy tree coverage so realistically this hike can be done year-round. The hike ends at the River which allows the dogs to get both a drink and a little swim in. Be careful though, the river is rather strong at certain times of the year.

Downsides: River strong at certain times of year.

Directions: Head North on I-5 from Seattle. Shortly past Stanwood, take Highway 530 (to Darrington). Follow this road until milepost 41 where there is a small trail sign on your right. Turn onto that dirt road, past a couple of houses, up about 2 miles to the trailhead.

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Last updated 7/01