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City Parks: Gas Works

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Description: We take friends and relatives to Gas Works Park for the great view of downtown Seattle across Lake Union. The park's namesake, a gigantic rusted structure, is a historical remnant of the original gas works, the only one of its kind left in the country. Gas Works Park features over 20 acres of grassy hills with paved paths. On Kite Hill, a popular place for flying kites, you can stand on a unique sundial. Don't let your dog drink the water. There are bathrooms with water near a large play-place structure. The Burke-Gilman Trail starts here.

Downsides: The ground is toxic. Watch out for broken glass around the outer edges of the park.

Directions: From the University of Washington, head west on Pacific Ave. and you will eventually run into the park (you have to turn left down any side street when you see the gas works, unless you go on Northlake Way closer to the water).

*NEWS ACTION ITEM: Help fight for a Gas Works off-leash area

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