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City Parks: Genesee

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Description: Admire the flowering perennial gardens as you stroll with your dog on-leash on the paved path. There is a play structure (dogs are not allowed on playgrounds) with bathrooms close by (aka water for your dog). Enjoy wide grassy lawns, a covered picnic area set on a slight hill with a view, and an extensive meadows project -- discover a hideaway bench overlooking Lake Washington. Take the outer perimeter walk and there are even a few exercise stages along the way -- pull-up bars, etc. When you reach the end of Genesee and cross the road, you'll find yourself at the Mount Baker boat launch in Sayres Park on Lake Washington, with gorgeous mountain views when it's clear out. Droopy had to sniff every dock and stopped for a cool drink in the lake. All in all, a great end to our outing at Genesee Off-Leash Area.

Directions: From I-5S the quickest way is to take I-90E, immediately get in the right lane and take the first exit to Rainier Ave. S. Alternatively, you can get to Rainier Ave. S. by taking the Dearborn exit off of I-5S, turn left on Dearborn and then right on Rainier. Head south on Rainier to Genesee (past Boracchini bakery, past Safeway, it's quite a ways). Turn left on Genesee. Go down to 44th. The Park is on the left, almost directly across the street from the Genesee off-leash area. There is a small parking lot.

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