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City Parks: Magnuson

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Description: There's something for everyone at this huge park -- soccer fields, kite flying, swimming, and picnicking, to name a few (not all dog-friendly of course). After a wet romp on the beach at Magnuson Off-leash Area, why not snap on the leash and take your pooch for a wind-drying walk along Lake Washington (or in Droopy's case, head towards the tall grass and spastically roll around). Explore the trail of graveyard fins (okay that's not their official name), pause to admire the diving kites flying on the hill, and then head towards the water for an afternoon picnic. Then it's back through the off-leash area for free-running ball-chasing before a pooped Droopy flops in the back of the car for the ride home.

Downsides: Dogs aren't allowed on beaches.

Directions: Located at the old Sandpoint Naval Station between approximately 65th and 75th on Sandpoint Way. The off-leash area is by the 75th St. entrance, but you can also enter the main park at the 65th St. entrance.

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