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Day Hikes: Snoqualmie Valley Trail

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Description: On a blustery weekend in February we spent a couple hours checking out the Snoqualmie Valley Trail from its origins in McCormick Park. Since it's a 36-mile trail, we didn't get very far on the map, which leaves a lot more outings in Droopy's future to finish sniffing his way through the whole thing. The trail is a crushed-rock path with the highway fairly close on one side and wide expanses of agricultural fields on the other. Early on, there is a small body of water filled with a variety of duck species. Horses, bikes, and joggers are some of the occasional traffic that may sporadically pass you by. We really enjoyed the nice flat walk -- Droopy was perhaps a bit disappointed to have to stay on the beaten path (there's no room to wander into the brush) but he had a very satisfying walk with us. This is a good trail if you are looking for something easy to find and easy to follow. Its long length ensures that you get to walk exactly as much as you want to. Already done one part of it? Next time just pick a different starting point and come back for more! We plan to.

Downsides: Not a single garbage can in sight, and some parts of the path cross roads so you will need to rein in your dog when you come to traffic crossings. Also, it's not a loop so you'll have to walk the same path back.

Directions: Take 520-E through Redmond until it turns into Avondale Road. After about a mile veer right on Novelty Hill Road (traffic intersection, very obvious). Go about 5 miles to 3-way stop. Turn left on West Snoqualmie Valley Road. Right at next stop light onto NE 124th. Cross Rainbow Bridge. At 4-way stop sign, turn left onto Hwy 203/Carnation-Duvall Rd. It's about 2 miles to Duvall. After passing Virginia St./Woodinville-Duvall Rd., turn left into the Park & Ride (between the white store front and "Jerry's Iron Work"). The Snoqualmie Valley Trail starts at the entrance to McCormick Park in Duvall (you can also get to McCormick Park from the west end of NE Stephens St.). [Basically, just get to Duvall whichever way you normally drive there. It's a pretty small town, and McCormick Park should be relatively easy to find with the above directions.]

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