Explorer Dog!

Day Hikes: White River Trail 1199
(Deep Creek Trail 1196 and Ranger Creek Trail 1197)

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Description: The beginning of the White River Trail is easy-going and offleash (dogs under "voice control" so long as they do not annoy others is what was posted, but note national forest regulations). We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. There were hardly any people there, although it was a Friday afternoon in mid-September. There were little streams for Droopy to investigate and drink fresh water from. The scenery was a typical pleasant northwest trail hike with trees, ferns, and undergrowth. Steep slopes were rare and did not cause us much concern even with our ever-inquisitive Explorer Dog. The Ranger Creek Trail hike goes for a couple miles or more. There is also the more difficult and longer Deep Creek Trail that heads up the mountain, but keep a closer eye on your dog due to the steepness of the trail.

Directions: I-5S to Auburn exit. East on Highway 18. Auburn Highway 164 exit. East to Enumclaw, through the city onto Highway 410. About 30 miles out of town, turn left onto Corral Pass Road 7174 just past the Alta Crystal Resort (stay away from that resort they hate dogs and are mean people). Drive up a dirt path, you'll see the trailhead on your left in a small parking area. Parking requires a trailhead parking pass.

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Last updated 11/99