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Offleash Areas: Blue Dog Pond Park

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Description:An interesting area with large metal sculptures, this park is quite large as square enclosures go. There are high slopes on one side for a good exercise alternative for your dog. Unfortunately the flat area in the middle collects rain water. The park is apparently an overflow drainage area. Explorerdog was quite excited but his human companions quickly tired of their muddy surroundings. It's better in the summer when the ground is dry. Blue Dog now has water installed and is fully fenced, which is a nice touch.

Downsides: Wet, wet, wet, wet, and....wet (during rains). Directions: Go I-90E, take Rainier Ave S. exit. Drive south on Rainier Ave. until you get to Massachusetts. Park is at corner of Massachusetts and Martin Luther King Jr. Way, right next to I-90.

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Last updated 7/06