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Offleash Areas: Edmonds Marina Park

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Description: Edmonds Marina has a park area that does NOT allow dogs, with a designated offleash section off to the side. The offleash area is a long expanse of beach, so if your dog likes the water there is plenty of swimming room. There is a main sandy area where dogs can run around. There are also beached logs for sitting (or for spazzy dogs to jump over). Beyond this area are rockier shores where your dog can sniff but may find it difficult to run if the tide is not out. People do a good job of scooping after their pets in the main beach areas but aren't as good in the underbrush areas. The offleash park affords a nice view of Puget Sound and has the best offleash beach but not much exercise potential for humans. We like to go here for a change of pace when the weather is nice. Go at low tide for more playing room.

Downsides: Bring your own fresh water. The shells and rocks beyond the sandy area may be rough on dog paws, although Explorer Dog doesn't seem to mind. Keep yourself and your dog away from the quite active train tracks.

Directions: Take I-5N to the Edmonds Kingston Ferry exit (near the exit you take for the Mountlake Terrace Costco). Follow the ferry terminal signs all the way to the waterfront. When you get to the water and can see the Ferry gatehouse, take a left on Dayton. Follow the road through the marina past the various boat storage areas and the park is at the very end. The entrance to the offleash section will be right there on the left.

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Last updated 4/00