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Offleash Areas: Genesee Park

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Description: Genesee offleash area is a large, level, fully-fenced enclosure. An open expanse of gravel surface is ringed by grasses, sand, and a few decorative trees. It is nicely kept and a popular place for local neighbors to socialize with their dogs. It was one of the first off-leash areas to use a Sanican. Amenities also include water, an airlock gate entrance, and wheelchair accessibility. It is home to the annual COLA Dog-o-ween, which has been held here for the past three years.

Downsides: Your dog will get some great playtime but you won't get much exercise. For that, though, there's Genesee Park right across the street.

Directions: From I-5S the quickest way is to take I-90E, immediately get in the right lane and take the first exit to Rainier Ave. S. Alternatively, you can get to Rainier Ave. S. by taking the Dearborn exit off of I-5S, turn left on Dearborn and then right on Rainier. Head south on Rainier to Genesee (past Boracchini bakery, past Safeway, it's quite a ways). Turn left on Genesee. Go down to 44th, and you'll see the park on your right. It is a big open field and the off-leash area is a fenced enclosure at the east end. Park on the street. Check the original Genesee website ( http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/6140/) for a map that you can click for directions. I believe the website itself is no longer maintained, but the information is useful.

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