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Offleash Areas: Golden Gardens Park

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Description: The Golden Gardens offleash area is a square enclosure covered in bark. This means the owners stand around and watch the dogs exercise and play. Someone has built nice benches there as well, so there are now places to sit and rest. See the board at Golden Gardens for more information on how you can contribute for more benches made at cost by kind volunteers. If there are compatible dogs there with which to play, your dog will have a great time chasing and wrestling. Bring a ball or other toy just in case there aren't. The best time to go seems to be around dinner time after everyone gets off of work (or perhaps lunchtime). The nice thing about this area is that everyone scoops after their dog, there is fresh water nearby in the restrooms, and it is a lighted area (lit until around 9pm). Also, since there's nothing for the owners to do, almost anyone who brings their dog there is ready to let their dog play with yours. Those who want a change of pace can leash their dog and follow trails to the rest of the park (dogs are not allowed on the beach).

Downsides: Have to hope for a good dog crowd.

Directions: For the offleash area go west on 85th St. until the street ends, then right at the stop sign. The road then curves past houses and winds down directly to the off-leash area. The entrance is the first parking area you come to on your right. The beach section of Golden Gardens is located near the Ballard Locks. If you want to go directly to the on-leash area you can follow 45th St. all the way west (it turns into 46th) and you will see signs for the locks and Golden Gardens Park.

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