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Offleash Areas: Kasch Park

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Description: This hideaway is a great nature-trail alternative to us city-goers. When you first park, there is a small clearing that has a nice picnic table and is amenable to throwing balls. From there, the trail heads off adjacent to Kasch Park, circling around a golf course. It has occasional side branch detours that take you along more overgrown paths.

Downsides: Lots of broken glass. Limited parking space but it wasn't a problem when we visited.

Directions: From I-5N heading towards Everett, take Highway 96 exit (Hwy 96 goes east, but instead you turn left going across I-5). Head northwesterly on that road and it turns into Airport Road. Continue up to Paine Field/100 St (this intersection is only about 10 blocks short of the Boeing Plant in Everett where that picture of the girl and the plane is painted on their hangar doors). Turn east (right) on 100th St. Then turn left on 18th Ave. W (Loganberry Lane). Follow it north to a dead-end, about the 9100 block.

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