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Offleash Areas: Luther Burbank Park

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Description:Luther Burbank Park is a beautiful county park set on the water, with tennis courts, large grassy knolls, well-paved paths, and even a wetlands restoration project. The offleash area is hard to find, on the far side of the park. It is also a relatively small enclosure. However, everything else about it is thumbs up. From a bark-covered area for running and ball-throwing, to a couple small openings with water access to Lake Washington, this has enough variety to keep your dog entertained. The water access can get quickly crowded with only a few dogs. However, with a view and the on-leash section nearby, it's very peaceful and pleasant. Plus it's so close to I-90 that it's very easy to get to.

Downsides: Small area.

Directions: Go I-90E, take Exit 7A to Mercer Island. Turn left on 77th Ave. SE (towards the water), right onto North Mercer Way, left on 81st Ave. (a fairly small street), right on 24th St., left on 84th Ave. SE and follow it down towards the park. There is a large parking lot. After parking, you'll want to head left towards the water.

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