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Offleash Areas: Marymoor Park

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Description: The Marymoor Offleash Area is huge! There are several branch paths you can follow. The main path (loose gravel) runs alongside a fresh water stream in which your dog can wade and drink (but not fetch balls, the deeper water is fenced off to protect wildlife). The path branches off to a large field area where many dogs congregate to play, and alongside that area is an even larger unmowed grassy field in which your dog can bound through the grass. Paths running through these sections are covered with bark (freshly laid the last time we visited). Because of the easy water access you don't need to bring any water. It has almost everything a dog could want!

Downsides: People are very bad about scooping after their dog here (a noticeably higher percentage of irresponsible dog owners). It is also so large that it can be hard to find someone with a compatible dog who is willing to play. However, if such a dog can be found the dogs will be entertained for hours.

Directions: Take 520-E to West Lake Sammamish Parkway. Take a right on Sammamish Parkway, at the first stop light take a left into the park. Go past a bunch of stuff, turn right onto the first road (not the parking lots). Follow that road to its end, a large parking lot, and you'll see it.

Also see our Links page for Marymoor's SODA Offleash Organization link.

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