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Regrade Park Off-Leash Area

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Description: Regrade is a former basketball court turned doggie courtyard. A bit of grass, a bit of wood chips, and a bit of cement. There are tall planters with ledges that easily accommodate the small pooch. Two double-gated entrances keep dogs safely inside. Due to its small size it is not a destination park, but it is nevertheless a welcome addition to a neighborhood where residents really needed a better outlet for their dogs.

History: Residents of Belltown have been working with the Seattle police department, the city, the Seattle Parks department and the community to try to find a solution to the crime and drug problems at Regrade Park in Belltown. That's when they came up with the idea of turning Regrade Park into an offleash area. High-use off-leash areas are an effective way to combat illicit activity. On May 8, 2003 the Board of Parks Commissioners voted to support an OLA at Regrade Park.

On October 13, 2003, the Seattle City Council passed Council Bill Number: 114717 which established a pilot Off-Leash Area at Belltown's Regrade Park. The council passed the bill on a 9-0 vote. On Sunday, March 7, 2004, Regrade Park opened with much fanfare and doggie treats, and a good time was had by all (In this photo to the right, Droopy enjoys a bite of doggie cake at the grand opening). On November 10, 2005, the Board of Park Commissioners unanimously voted to make Regrade Park's Off-Leash Area permanent.

Directions: 2251 3rd Avenue, at the corner of 3rd and Bell in downtown Seattle (Belltown area).

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