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Offleash Areas: Volunteer Park

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Description: In November, 2000, Volunteer Park's off-leash area was closed due in part to tree damage, and in part due to wealthy neighbors with a "not in my backyard attitude" paying for attorneys to get it shut down (Droopy does not condone environmental harm, but let's just tell it like it is). When trees were being damaged by urine and root compaction in the original site, the Parks Department moved the off-leash area to a temporary location in the park. However, the Parks Department had not yet conducted an environmental analysis when it moved the off-leash area. Anti-offleash-area neighbors used this to get the site closed for good.

The environmental issues at Volunteer Park did not happen overnight. The moral of the story is to take an active role in the care of your off-leash areas. These parks can't be maintained without your help, and if we don't take care of them they can and will go away. The next time you see a work party notice, make a point to drop by and help for a little while. If you see environmental damage or other problems occurring in your park, notify your park steward or contact cola@coladog.org if you don't know who your park steward is.

Area residents with dogs can look forward to a new offleash area opening under I-5 near Eastlake.

Directions: From I-5S take Roanoke/Boylston exit. Left at the light across I-5 (onto Boylston). Right on 10th. Left on Boston. Follow Boston around, Volunteer Park will be on your right.

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Last updated 5/03