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Offleash Areas: Woodland Park

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Description: The Woodland Park offleash area is a large square enclosure with one BIG hill, some trees, and covered in bark. The owners stand around and watch the dogs play, similar to Golden Gardens but bigger. Plus the hill makes for some great ball chasing exercise for those days when you don't want to walk much but your dog does. It has a faucet in the middle that provides fresh water for your dog BUT it is turned off in the winter (it turns on around February or March), in which case the nearest water is across the street at greenlake. In the winter you definitely need to bring water for your dog and for other dogs at the park without water. Another nice feature is that it is so close to Greenlake that you can put your dog on a leash and go across the street for a handy alternative. The people are friendly and very good about scooping after their dogs.

Downsides: Really really muddy in the winter.

Directions: Go west on 50th St. to Greenlake Way. Take a right, then take what is probably the next left towards the soccer fields, tennis courts, and Pitch n Putt. Turn left into Woodland Park. The offleash area is past the tennis courts on the left hand side. Special thanks to Lynn Gottlieb and Skye for pointing out the park to us!

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Last updated 4/00